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    I love the blogstats feature and I use it to track clicks and inbound links on my main blog…

    I just started a new blog and up to today it had almost no traffic at all, maybe 1 or 2 clicks a day if at all.

    However, I was checking blogstats today and I noticed 60 hits on one of the posts in this new blog.

    The problem is I see no inbound links on the left side to explain where the 60 hits came from. I only see one link from Yahoo email with 1 click.

    I doubt very much that 60 people have entered this new blog’s URL directly into their browser.

    Just curious if anyone has ran into the same issue?

    The post in question is at:

    I’m curious to find where the clicks are coming from … grrrr




    Maybe, just maybe, you incidentally clicked your post whilst you’re a log out user?


    The first time I looked at the blog today there were 60 hits already, out of nowhere.

    Unless it’s from the RSS feed? But it’s a brand new blog and has had zero traffic until today. And all the traffic today were for the post I indicated above, not the main page.

    What’s missing is an indication of where those 60 clicks came from.

    That’s all.


    P.S. Here is a snapshot of the stats taken after 5pm PDT, so it shows up as Yesterday’s stats:

    P.P.S. Unless I have 60 RSS readers all the sudden on this brand new blog, which I highly doubt, I have no idea where those 60 clicks came from.


    In other words, is this a bug in blogstats?


    Not necessarily. One possible scenario (not likely, but possible) is a bunch of your friends typing in the URL, then refreshing the page multiple times.


    Well, I thought WordPress counts clicks from unique visitors only, at least for each post.

    For example, I should not be able to pump up the hit count for any post on my blog or any other blog by simply logging out, or using another PC and hitting the refresh button N times!!!

    That would be the easiest way to get your post on the WordPress homepage… If it was that easy, many people would be pumping up the hits on their posts and using that to get traffic.

    I doubt that wordpress blogstats assigns more than 1 hit per IP address.

    Possibilities that may explain what happened include:

    1. I do have 100s of RSS readers for this brand new blog, who all came out of nowhere at once. (low probability)

    2. Someone found out about it and emailed others who use a non-web-based email reader, e.g. Outlook, Thuderbird, etc. (high probability)

    That’s all I can think of

    for now ;)


    No, it doesn’t count clicks for unique visitors only, so you can pump up your count by doing that.



    wigwam is right – the stats are for page views, not unique visitors.

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