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  1. anyone else been hit by this?

    i was just wandering around and noticed my latest blog post copy pasted into here :

    does word press have any rules regarding this? can i stop it?

  2. It would be helpful if you had posted both URLs, your own, and the "stolen" one.

  3. Most likely they are getting the posts off of the RSS feeds for the blogs. Do you have your blogs set to show only a summary, or the entire post (settings > discussion)? I always set my RSS feeds to show only a summary so that splogs and scrapers only get a summary of a line or two, not the entire post. is a self-hosted blog using the software from (<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2.1" />), and neither, nor has any control over self-hosted blogs.

    The whois information can be found here:

    You can find more information on them here:

  4. @thesacredpath: Many thanks!

    Would it be useful to notify other bloggers whose posts appear in that blog?

  5. With 5353 posts (according to the count in the category widget) that would be a lifelong project, but then again, if you were to alert say 25 or 50 and then they would contact the webhost and/or send in DMCA cease and desist letters, it may get the site shut down much quicker.

  6. Thanks again, thesacredpath. I didn't dream of contacting thousands of people, of course - I just thought I'd leave a comment to the four I linked above and urge them to carry on with others.

  7. Good idea.

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