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Blogtransfer but forgot the Media Library transfer...

  1. By accident I changed my old template 'Dusk' into the new version, 'Dusk to dawn'. Fortunately I still have another, cleaned-out and thus empty weblog that has that old template. I prefer it for Art articles. So I moved all posts from the blog with the undesired template to the one that has the preferred 'Dusk' one. But I forgot about the images...

    I always thought that every separate weblog needs its own upload archive because there's no crossing-over. But all the pictures are visible in their new blog home. Or am I looking at cached pages? Do I really have to reload all the used images once more into the 'new' blog?
    Sorry for asking here, right now I cannot reach any of my visitors or even friends and family to check it out for me.

    The weblog is titled (a bit pretentiously) 'Homo Nudus clad in art', so be warned that there's explicit nudity around. Even if its in paint, and more than a hundred years old...

  2. When you upload the import file you are prompted - do you want to include "attachments". Attachments include images in your Media Library.

  3. Um, I didn't do it by way of import/export, I simply copiy/pasted the text editor contents of each log to a New Post in the other blog. I only had to deal with ten posts.
    I just cleaned out cookies and history, and I can still see the images.
    I'm quite sure I once read something about non-interchangeable Media archives.

  4. There is no way of importing the images independent of the posts and pages they are attached to that I'm aware of. Why don't you simply save the images in the first blog to your computer and then upload them into the second blog?

  5. Yes, I did. And uploading once more is not a real problem, I wanted to do that anyway later on. I just wondered why they are still visible. I logged out en logged in again, and they're still there. But the image 'feed' is still in another archive.
    Am I nuts, or crazy?

  6. Well, it is a problem....
    This morning I wanted to add an illustration in the latest post, and found in the text editor of all images only a blind thumb. At the same time, the front page still shows the full illustrations!

    What I did, was uploading them (leaving the file names intact, of course), but I did not post them. After all, the tags were already there, all I needed was back them up with the accompanying upload.
    What went wrong?
    Why am I still seeing the pictures when I visit the weblog? In my experience, when a piost features a broken file icon, the illustration will not appear on the front page. What am I looking at? Where do the images come from?

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