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Blogum-Title and Tagline wrapping

  1. Blogum puts both the blog title and the tagline on the same line causing a strange wrapping to occur if either the title or tagline is long. Is this intentional?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Other issue: on no-sidebar static pages, the column becomes wider but full size images remain 545px wide.

  3. Hi justjennifer,

    Yes, the blog title and the tagline are on the same line on Blogum -- while potentially odd on some cases -- is intentional and a design feature.

  4. Thanks, takashi. For such a well planned grid-based theme, this seems a bit odd. Something tells me that there's going to be a lot of people using   to get around this. :)

    Also, any help on what Panos mentioned about width?

  5. So, that CODE tag didn't work. That was supposed to be & n b s p ;

  6. Hi panaghiotisadam,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The issue you described is not limited to Blogum and I agree it should work better. Let me have a chat within the team and hopefully it will be solved soon.


  7. Hi there :)

    i have the same issue. I´d like to use the Tagline as what it should be, namely a description of the site ( and the site title for instance "new ways of working" - but i also get both things messed together in the title which makes it a very long title :-)

    Any ideas how to tweak this ?

    Thanks :)

  8. Hi gunterbw,

    The version you are using is the self-hosted version and it's different setup from the version we are talking about in here.

    What I can suggest is that you contact to the theme author, WPShower to discuss about the issue you are experiencing.


  9. @takashi, if the author changes it on the ORG version, can it be changed here? :)

  10. i changed it somehow (without being a crack at all), but it took me a good hour to understand how and what to delete :)

  11. @justjennifer
    Just to make sure, you want the dash to stick out the title and the description, am I correct?

  12. Just to have the tagline underneath the title rather than running on after the title on the same line.

  13. @justjennifer

    OK, the dash also seems an issue so I'm intending to change it so that it looks like this, for example. (Extrem situation)

    I think this is the best solution. Do you agree?

  14. actually i have no idea about dash, i´m just a normal wordpress user :) my problem was that the site title also appeared next to the tagline and that was way too long in my case. Through deleting some piece of code this worked out in my ways....
    But how to put the tagline under the site tile - i have no clue. And in my humble opinion i find the terms "tagline" and "site title" confusing :)

  15. @gunterbw,

    Again, your theme is a different version which is for a self-hosted WordPress blog and we are talking about two different things.

    This support forum is for blogs hosted at If your question is about a self-hosted WordPress blog or themes then you'll find help at the forums.

    I would suggest you to discuss about issues or questions you have in .ORG forums or with the original theme author which is WPShower for this case.


  16. ok, srry. Was just the only one i found about this theme :)

  17. @takashi, looks good to me and I do appreciate the willingness to consider user feedback. (Of course the minute any change is made someone else will be here in the forums asking it why it was changed.) :)

    Now, about what Panos mentioned...

    @gunterbw-good luck with your blog!

  18. You're welcome! The changes has been applied. I hope this changes make users a little more happier :)

    Yes, we're still seeking the best way to solve the issue Pano mentioned. Hopefully we find the best solution for everyone.


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