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Blown Up Stats

  1. My stats have increased dramatically today, and the only thing I can find is large Viewers count on my Referrers list from Has anyone heard of this site? I went to it and can't make sense of what I'm seeing, other than it providing 100 second peeks at various blogs.

    While I'd love some increased traffic, I don't want artificially inflated results. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. you can probably contact the site owner and have your blog removed. Theres other similar sites to this one like and Alphainventions.

  3. But do I really want it removed? If what my stats show are the result of people actually coming to my blog after clicking on my link on that site, then that's a good thing. But it just seems like they'd have to have a LOT of people looking at their site during the rare occurrence of my blog for me to have a large enough % of them to produce the numbers I'm seeing.

    God, that was a mouthful! I hope I'm being clear.

  4. I think the hits are coming from accessing your blog to display the peeks. It doesn't guarantee that anyone sees the "peeks" and then clicks on things.

  5. I had a similar thing happen. Since starting up on WP less than a month ago, I've averaged about 110 views a day. Suddenly last Tuesday it spiked up to 270 in one day! I'll check into the site. I too want real stats, not falsely inflated ones.

  6. The Viewers count on my Referrers list from this site has gone from 39 an hour or so ago, to 206 right now. That brings my total Views per day to a record 221! Its staring to bug me a little. Is there a way I can block this site on my own?

  7. yeah, just contact the guy at blogiche[at] and tell him to remove your blog cause theres no other way to blog site on your own, from my knowledge.

  8. If I were you I wouldn't block it. The thing is: there are maybe 200 meaningless hits from people who are just glancing, but think about it: surely if 200 people see your blog, some of them are going to see something interesting and will read on or come back.

    I generally find when something goes viral you retain 7 or 8% of those viewers, so if you get a spike of 1000, then 75 of those new people will come back again. So things like Alphainventions etc are worth it.

  9. I'm not familiar enough with the lingo to trust my interpretation of your shorthand. Does replacing the [at] with the keyboard's "at" symbol give me a real e-mail address that I can safely send such a message to? Is there a reason why we have to use [at] instead of the "at" symbol?

  10. lmao, sorry [at] meant @ I didn't add the full link as to not drive spam to that guy/girls e-mail box.
    Rain is right, I actually saw a couple of blog found on alphainventions that I added to my RSS so you might want to consider leaving it on that site.

  11. Thanks. I'll keep holding the e-mail I've written in my draft box for now. :-)

  12. well, now I have no idea what a draft box is but good luck )

  13. nevermind, right after I hit the submit button I figured it out LOL :D

  14. Wow, I just realized that my stats page is weirding out on me. It's now showing my busiest day to be yesterday, with 334 views, even though the graph only shows 36 for yesterday. Today's numbers haven't changed in hours.

    Anyone else having weird numbers?

  15. BTW, today's numbers have me at 298. Wewee swange!

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