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    I would like this.

  2. To do what?

    Do you have a account? If so then you are stuck with wordpress.

    If you don't then I don't understand the request...

  3. I think it's a theme but I'm wondering if the original poster is asking for it to be added to their hosted blog or elsewhere as well.

    Considering that their username link leads to a 404 page, I'm not sure they know either. :)

    I await an answer with interest.

  4. from reading what the site says, I'm guessing he wants the ajax features. (click on demo to see)

  5. sorry for not specifying.

    that is a wordpress theme, and what i was saying was that i would like that to be added to the theme list.

    that's all.

  6. Thank's for following up. I'm not sure what the staff's opinion is on the ajax stuff as I don't think it's come up before.

    Good luck,

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