Blubrry podcast statistics and iTunes

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    Okay, so I’m going to need to talk through this step by step.

    1. I release my podcast by embedding it into blog posts.
    2. sends the URL to iTunes and that’s the address that iTunes lists.
    3. When I embed a podcast into a blog post, I change the URL to the Blubrry redirect URL. For instance, the code for my latest episode is:

    [audio src=""][/audio]

    4. So my question is, does Blubrry count iTunes downloads as well as embedded player listens? Before, I thought that it didn’t, but does iTunes download the episode and store it on their own servers, or do they just pull it from my address? If the latter, isn’t Blubrry counting those listens, since I replaced the media file address with the Blubrry redirect address?

    The blog I need help with is


    I checked the enclosure tags in your RSS feed (the enclosure tags tell podcast apps, like iTunes, etc. what to download) and they’re all showing the Blubrry stats redirect is properly in place. That means that anywhere you choose to syndicate this RSS feed (including iTunes) will be tracked in your Blubrry stats. (disclosure: I work with the Blubrry support team)



    Wow, cool! That really helps, thanks!

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