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Blue bar at top missing

  1. My blue bar with the dashboard access, etc., at the top of my blog has gone missing since I checked the blog last night.

    Any ideas?

  2. Mine was missing also, but reappeared a few minutes ago.

  3. Mine re-appeared for one brief glorious moment -- and then disappeared promptly after I switched to another site (and where the bar did not appear either) and then back...

  4. I am having problems too. The blue bar is there, but its blank. And when I go to edit and try to edit something I get a blank page although the post preview comes out fine. This is in IE. In Firefox I get the blue bar properly but when I go to edit I find that I cannot add the picture box where you have to add the url of the picture. It comes blank.

  5. Hi,

    Sorry for the trouble, but the bug causing these issues was just fixed. If you are still having problems with either your admin bar or linking pictures, please send in feedback.

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