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blue border on white picture

  1. killingpopcorn


    If I put a picture with a white background ou no background at all it shows a blue line around it when posted, but not at editing.


    Both posts, the first images.

    I use Firefox.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I use IE8 to view the images I see the blue line you refer to as this is how IE browsers display liked images.

    What I see using Firefox 3.5.5 is a black outline around the images. I also see that the image in the second post you link to was not properly sized to fit into the blogging space prior to uploading (it's too wide for the blogging space) so the right hand side is cut off.

  3. oops - in the first sentence above I meant to type linked images and not "liked images".

  4. either way you can remove the border by entering the number 0 into the "border" box under advanced settings when changing image setting. You can see more here
    or you can change the color of the border too.

  5. Thanks for supplying that linked. Bookmarked!

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