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Blue Moon and Blogaversary!

  1. --Or should that be: Blue moon FOR!

    I found WordPress, looked around it for months, tried to translate the tech hard entire TOS --twice (!), signed up. At 12:01 midnight: a blue moon appeared (over Southern California, USA) on my ONE YEAR anniversary of having WordPress Blog (and also hit a significant mark in readers)! How daVine! Yeah for me! I like my cozy home, Thanks WP Gnomes!

  2. Happy blogiversary!

  3. THANKS, Rain! Sometimes I wasn't sure I would/could stick, tech stuff is sooo confusing.

    What's happeining in your world?

  4. Don't you read my BLOG??????

  5. (gulllp...) uhm...I'm living in a hotel --while the Dumbest human on the planet "repairs" my home, screws up, fails inspections, screams obscenities at me --I watch him, deal with inspectors, make plans, figure out how to get food/cook...I'm not even reading the news. May I be excused/forgiven?

  6. No.

    Hell, most of the demographic for my second blog is HOMELESS or living in shelters.

    RSS is the answer. Some day I must learn how to use it; I'm trying to catch up with a few blogs and I've already been here four bloody hours! Too damn many interesting things out there!

  7. So: Mine is on Your list? (hehehehe)

    I don't know how to subscribe to an RSS, either. Heck, I can barely finish essays to post, letalone have time to learn anything new. Got too much stuff stuffed in my head at the moment. I spent the day writing List of things NOT finished since last inspection --where the inspector claimed "every thing is done" two days ago. My list: runs to five pages....

  8. I'm too lazy to hunt around for blogs that aren't linked to usernames. Hint, Hint.

  9. hi poppy8sd, happy blog anniversary =)

  10. lol, I can appreciate is boring to search, but: don't you mind that all your comments wind up in Google's cache?

  11. Thanks, thanks, Sulz! (Your lipz are sooooo kewl!)

  12. Do I MIND getting in Google? Uh, no. Web 2.0 is not about privacy: it's about equality of exposure. If you don't want exposure, don't go out in public.

  13. Specifically: not your blog posts, your Comments --in Google, dosen't bother you?

    I severed link to my blog for the Forums, with Sulz's (--Nosey's?) help, at the start of having WP blog because I found my questions, Forum posts in Google. I didn't know much then, embarassed me. And: I think Forum comments inappropriate thing for Google to cache; since I don't manage Google, I can only control myself, hence.... I am, however, getting closer to the point of: 'so what, who cares.'

  14. If you don't want your words thrown back in your face, don't say anything. The best solution to comments that make you look silly is more comments that don't, so that's a pretty good incentive to learning.

  15. @poppy8sd
    Even though your username is not currently linked to your blog all these forum posts are in Google. Everything we say here is cached.

  16. True. I spent ALOT of time Searching and reading entire threads of others' questions until I learned the things I wanted to know. Also: true or not, my preception is that WP gnomes and Moderators got better at answering --INcluding ALL steps, non-techie language, clear 1-2-3 How To progression. Now: I often know the answer to questions posted in the Support Forum.

  17. Holy Freakn Cow.

    WHY the heck would Google even Bother --don't they have BETTER things to do with their resources --than to cache inane comments?

    Well, if Google is so Hot to capture my every word --they don't give a damn about privacy, I may as well put back link to my blog. Then: they can link it up to my underwear drawer --at my house --which they also intend to capture and put on-line. Someone needs to throw a rope around Google and have an Up Close & Personal chat with them. They're going WAAAAAY too far. --Or maybe: they got a "grant" from the CIA and they're "just" doing their part for the sniffing cause. Crap...I had NO idea, didn't think of comments still going up, in Others' threads...double Crap.... "Thanks"? --for the heads-up.

  18. You're welcome - I guessed that you didn't know the scope of it.
    Consider this:
    (1) link your every word on the wp forum to your blog
    (2) then someone "shares" your real name without your permission to do so
    (3) all the pervert who stalks you needs is a map to your door which is provided by Google, of course.

  19. Well that CAN'T happen: my REAL name doesn't appear ANYWHERE; my address: a box at a post office. Nobody --but NObody gets my name, address, telephone, all my blogs & website addresses and e-mail addresses. At most: anyone gets only two of those --I STARTED on-line with paranoia. Plus: I shut off cookies when I surf, even on Google. Google Really is going Too Far with mapping Fronts of home addresses. Just because they Can: isn't good enough. "Opting out" is a nightmare. Can anyone get photo 'delisted' faster than any one of hundreds of engines can cache a photo? I think not. WHAT are those people thinking....

    What senior adult living alone --single parent --college coed --witness to a gang crime --elderly immobile grandfather --parent concered about pedophiles --WANTS their home photographed? --How the hell will those people "opt out" --if they don't even own a computer or know how to use one. Maybe: we could start a WP petition --request Google NOT photograph ANY residence --anywhere in the world? Make it a seperate WP Forum? --Post the address on every bulliten board & relevant website? --When we get enough signatures: send it to Google --and local newspapers?

  20. If you're out in public the public can look at you.

    So don't do in public things you don't want thrown back in your face. This is really going back to the accountability we had back when humans all lived in small towns and we knew who was doing what with whom; it's actually MUCH more natural than the artificial idea of privacy that grew up over the last two centuries. Our concept of privacy does not go back farther than the Industrial Revolution. It is unnatural.

    Your mother, I'm sure, told you never do anything you didn't want to see on the front page of the paper. The only difference is that now you will find out you made the paper by seeing it on someone else's blog.

  21. I don't have a problem with people/public in my neighborhood, or my town seeing whatever. People in a village --were accountable, but the Internet has changed everything. Now: people in the next Continent can steal --identity, children, life, anything, and get away with it, with no one knowing Who did it. THAT is entirely different.

    I haven't looked up privacy/history to know if you're correct; I suspect not: aristocracy has always wanted/expected privacy. My mother didn't tell me anything, the first time I heard the saying, 'don't do anything you don't want to see on the front page of newspaper,' was in business. But I didn't need it. Your last line is funny. What do you think of a petition to Google?

  22. I think it's a silly idea and morally wrong.

    What makes you think that people all over the world can get the goods on you but you can't get the goods on them? It's mutually assured destruction, the panopticon, and it has been shown to reduce criminality drastically where it's implemented. I had a stalker once, and after he was outed as a stalker, he was shunned and he eventually killed himself instead of somebody else; I consider that a successful resolution.

    I did study the history of privacy, and I do know whether or not I'm correct. The very last thing the nobility expected or expects even now is privacy. Ask the Queen.

  23. Did I write something here and then it got deleted? Now I forgot.

    Happy Blogaversary!

    [hands Poppy her birthday cake]

  24. defrostindoors

    Happy Blogaversary!

  25. Thanks! Nosy, Defrost. (--Not to worry, I didn't see anything up from you Nosy.)

    "Silly"? A person who doesn't want comings/goings in front of their home photographed, put on the web --be put in vulnerable position --at risk of burglary, stalking, kidnapping, carjacking, violence --a cop Anywhere would label "silly"?

    A single example: does not a rule make.

    "mutually assured destruction"??? --Get down at the level of some low-life who doesn't have a life --fight --their way? Uh, I don't think so.

    "Ask the Queen" --of? If you mean the queen of England: the major reason she had so many problems with her late ex daughter-in-law was the volume of publicity attached to her. Anyway nobody knows her opinion about anything nor Can ask her about any thing, she doesn't walk down any street. --She is behind castle walls.

    Google stands to make multi-millions by invading privacy --fake carrots doesn't disguise --there is NO benefit except to Google. What's "morality" got to do with trying to stop them?

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