blue/purple border around some pics?

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    i have the “fresh bananas” theme and all my old blogspot pics are un-bordered. my new pics that i put in tonight have a blue and a purple border. it looks odd, like it doesn’t go with the theme. what’s the deal?



    That border is an indication that the pic is also a link; WordPress uploads formats things so that most pics are thumbnails with an automatic link to the full-size version. You can change that in your Upload manager when you make the post, or you can just break the link by using the broken link icon in your visual manager: click on the pic and hit the broken link icon and you’re done.


    you should also send in feedback, that’s not the way a theme should behave.



    Its fine. as “raincoaster” said its an indication that the photo that is published is also a link (The link is to the full size image) and the reason that your old blogspot photo’s do not have the blue border is because they are hosted externally (On BlogSpot)

    Its fine, Nothing to worry about.

    (You will get alot of people saying “No its a problem contact support!!!” but it not, This border is only on your selected theme which is fresh bananas which is why its a cause for confusion)


    my point exactly. internet blue does not go with fresh bananas, so it is a bug, it should be fixed by the admins. they’ve removed borders on linked images for nearly every other theme on, based on feedback requests and comments on the announcements.



    ummm… i see blue/green borders (the same color as the sidebar text), so they go with the theme just fine. Is it browser dependent (i’m using FF on a Mac)?



    I see the same complimentary borders judyb12 sees using a firefox. on XP.


    FWIW your pics all show up as links to me. Using MacOS 10.3.9, Camino 1.03.


    it’s an internet explorer glitch, the borders are the right color in firefox.

    you can avoid the issue by putting a 0 in the border field of the image tool:

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