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Blurred Photos

  1. When I upload a photo to a post it appears slighty blurred/fuzzy when I view the post in my browser.
    I know that the uploaded image is not the problem because it's perfectly sharp and in focus.
    Can anyone help with what's causing this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sometimes WordPress does a poor job scaling images. The normal advice is to scale the image before you upload the image.

    If you want you can scale the image that visitors see when they first read a Post then have a link to a larger image that a visitor can click on to see the full sized version, this saves bandwidth and makes your site load quicker also.

  3. Thank you for the replies

  4. @myedenbridge
    There are some very handy free image editors one can use online to prepare and compress images and presize them prior to uploading them into your blog. Then the cropper does not come into play and loss of image quality is not a problem.

  5. Thanks @TT - been thinking about some automated way to shrink my pictures to save server space.

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