Blurry images after using snipping tool

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    Good morning fellow WordPressers. I have recently ran into an issue posting images on my blog. For the last couple months, all images I’ve posted including those taken from the web as well as those taken from my camera, look fabulous (as in not blurry). However, I’ve recently tried adding screenshots and “snips” using the built-in Snipping Tool from Windows 7 and the images look grainy and blurry. Here’s what I’ve done to attempt to fix the problem.

    Resizing the image to 500 px wide (which my theme is set to) in Photoshop CS5 prior to uploading the image
    Resetting the zoom in FireFox 9.0.1
    Using the default “Full Size” option when selecting the size which limits the size to the width of my content area per my theme (500 px)

    Here is a link to my problem.

    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Two short notes:

    1) Only you can see a preview
    2) My experience with the Windows Snipping Tool has been fuzzy no matter what.

    I use the PrtScr button on my keyboard that copies what is on the screen to the clipboard then I paste things into Gimp and that seems to give a better quality than the Snipping Tool.

    There is a link somewhere but I could not find it on how to do a screen shot – maybe one of the other Volunteers has it.



    Thanks for the response auxclass. I know it’s just a preview as I didn’t want to post the real post until I figured out this problem. However, I am aware of screenshots but the idea was to get only the relevant content as opposed to the whole screen. I will do some further experimenting in the mean time.

    Any other ideas anyone?



    When I do a PrtScr then past it into Gimp (works like Photo Shop) I then crop the image to what I really want – the advantage of the PrtScr copy and paste is it saves the image with the full pixel count and resolution then I can crop it and scale it to what I want – after scaling I sharpen the image to help viewers.


    a) For the record, on a Mac you press Cmd Shift 4 to capture a selected area instead of the whole screen.

    b) When you use the 2-sidebar layout in Pilcrow, the maximum width is 499px, not 500.

    c) You can upload an unedited image you’ve taken with the Snipping Tool (via Media > Add New) and paste the file URL here so we can examine it.



    I just did a full screenshot and pasted it into Paint as I do not have access to my photoshop at this time and then cropped it in paint. It seems to look a little better but if I was to sharpen the image and tweak it just a little bit more it will become much clearer I believe.




    Resolution is 799 x 546

    This is an unedited “Snipping Tool” shot.


    (799 x 546 = pixel dimensions, not resolution.)

    Here’s your screenshot downsized to resolution 72 and width 499 after I turned it into a png:
    Copy, upload and insert this version, then switch the editor to HTML and delete these from the image code: *

    And see if all these make a difference.

    * See here:



    Pana – I must admit the image you provided is quite a bit more “clear”. Here is a link showing your image (top) and an unedited snip I took (bottom). You can clearly see the difference. While it’s still not as clear as I’d like, I’m happy with the results. I’ll play around with the image in Photoshop and see if I can sharpen it a little more.

    Thanks for your help and prompt responses!

    Good day!

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