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Blurry Images in Carousel

  1. I have resized this image many a time, but I can't get it to not show up blurry. The best I could do so far is the following:

    However the thumbnail, and 'click full size image' version of the image show up crystal clear. Any ideas?


  2. I found that putting size="full" in the gallery brackets works. The images will still be thumbnail sized.

  3. @oligrounsell - You're uploading your images at a size that is forcing significant resizing when the images appear in your site.

    There are 2 very good reasons to resize your images (to around 1280 pixels on the long side, IMHO) before uploading them:

    • Maximizing your 3GB storage space allotment
    • Image clarity

    @koager - That works well when you want to have images showing as a one-column Gallery, which would look like this in the shortcode.
    [gallery columns="1" size="full"]
    Just be aware that "Full" means the full width of your theme's content posting area and not the full-size image. See here for an example:

    And, of course, it also means that you haven't used the new tiled mosaic or Gallery types either.

  4. Cheers for the help so far.

    Thought I had this sorted, but I don't.

    Everything looks fine in Chrome, but when I switch to Firefox, certain images look blurry again. Some are perfect in both browsers, but it seems quite random which ones.

    I tried to re-upload the blurry images in the same dimensions and file sizes as the the photo's which look good in both browsers, but even that doesn't work.

    The only way to get them working perfectly in Firefox is to upload to the exact size they are displayed in the carousel, but then they appear blurry on Chrome!


  5. I'm glad someone pointed this out, I'm having the same problem. I don't know if it's a general issue or not, but it seems images get blurry on carousel view, not only the previous one and next one, but also the current one. Here's an example of a blurry image on the carousel view
    Here's an illustrative montage comparing the original image and the image displayed by the carousel:
    As you can see, the image displayed by the carousel is blurred. I'm using Chrome, if it's helpful.

    I've recently tried out using inserting a gallery on posts because I thought the carousel view was such a great feature. You can imagine my disappointment when I see all my images blurry - ugly.
    I don't think this was the wordpress team's intention, after all, what's the raison d'ĂȘtre of a cool image display feature if it doesn't display the images correctly? If it was, please reconsider changing the carousel to display the current picture unblurred.

    Hope that was of any help. Looking forward to your reply!

  6. @iruvienne- FWIW, on this monitor and computer, using FF 16.0.2, I see the image you've linked to as it appears in your screenshot on the left, i.e. no blurring.

  7. @justjennifer- are mine ok too?

  8. @justjennifer Thanks for replying, I'm very glad to hear it!
    I also tried IE (probably not the latest version though, as I virtually never use it) and the picture displays properly too.
    I guess it's a Chrome issue. I'm using the latest version 23.0.1271.64 m. Hope it gets fixed soon~

  9. @oligrounsell I've also noticed another issue: when I click on one of your images of your mosaic, the page's sidebar doesn't disappear. If I scroll down, it changes from the inner sidebar (the carousel's one) to the page's sidebar and it gets all glitchy.
    Having the same problem?

  10. Yeah, unfortunately.

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