Blurry photos displayed on search results but not the actual blog

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    The photos shown from search results e.g. search result from “still life” tag, the photo of each blog does not look good but when you click on the blog to go to the real one the image looks fine. This does not not always happen to every blog that I see. Some look about the same. Is there any thing that I can do to make photos look good from that side?

    The blog I need help with is


    If you mean search results via a search engine like Google, then that’s to do with the search engine not wordpress!



    I am sorry, that is not what I meant. What I meant is when you go to the “Find Friends” and then clicks on “Photography” on the left hand side. The list of blogs shows up. The pictures that are shown on the list are the ones that I was referring to.


    I think this is because most have been rescaled. You’ll find this happens anywhere online or on any computer when an image has been rescaled. They can’t show images at their original size or it would overwhelm the system – and your internet connection. So one puts up with a little blurriness.

    As for the ones that look fine – the original is probably a small size to start with so the rescaler has no work to do.

    In answer to your original question – I don’t think there’s anything can be done to make them look better. Though you might check that there isn’t extra blurriness at your end, by doing the usual things we recommend for making site and your blog run better:

    Clear your browser’s cache

    Disenable all browser add ons, plugins and extensions then gradually reinable them to see if any have been causing the problem and if so which.

    Update Flash (I personally think this is the most logical one to do if it’s a problem with display of images, slideshows, or video)

    Update your browser to its most current version, you can find all the most popular ones here:



    Thank you for the information. I am aware of scaling of the image in the the post itself but I did not think it is further scaled down even further under this circumstance. I will try to play around with it some more.

    My internet connection should be decent and my browser should be fine . I do not think they are causing this problem for me.


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