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Blurry Pics In WordPress ONLY

  1. If I upload to WordPress a picture that's edited in IPiccy, Pic Monkey or Picnik (before it died) it shows very blurry on my blog. The same pinned picture is nice and crisp in Pinterest.

    If I edit in GIMP and upload to my blog it's also a great image. What's the deal? I'd like to use mainstream editing and get good crisp, photos on the blog. Can you help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. can you please give a link to your blog?...preferably to any pages with the said image blurriness?

  3. Here's a link to an example of a crisp picture I edited in GIMP

    Here is a post with pics edited in ipiccy which look like they are out of focus and somewhat fuzzy.

    The same pics (bookshelves) are crisp on Pinterest.

    Here's the Pinterest link to that image



    You have the dimensions of the image set wrong. They should be 494px × 247px. Reset the dimensions, then update the post. It should clear up right away.

  5. Sorry, forget what I just wrote... the images on your blog have been scaled down quite a bit. This one, for example, is naturally 553px × 826px but you've posted it as 398px × 594px. Sometimes you can get away with resizing photos like that, but once you add material to the image -- like text -- the resized image will get blurry.

    It's better to add the text after you've resized the image.

  6. I would a agree with feartheseeds.

    Also it is likely GIMP does a better job at creating the initial file of your image, so when they are interepreted by other programs, they may look better when resized or re-edited.

    When you can: try to resize your pictures before uploading to your blog. GIMP is a well known, trusted-for-quality, desktop app for that.

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