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Body of blog posts does not appear in mobile site

  1. organicmedialab


    We are experiencing a problem where body of blog posts are not displayed when opened in mobile growers such as safari and chrome of iOS.

    It seems that it has to do with the mobile site because when I choose full site, there is no problem displaying body of posts.

    We didn't have this problem until yesterday.

    Please help us. Thanks in advance.

    FYI: Our blog address is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. weaverthegreat

    Im having exactly the same problem with
    No idea how to help but if it's not just us then there's a larger problem at hand

  3. Similar issue with - I have turned disabled the mobile setting for now although the display is not great it is better than having just the title appear with no body text.

  4. I'm having the same issue with my blog as well. Only since yesterday. I think it must be a bug and will flag this for staff attention.

  5. having the same problem with you guys, since yesterday and now, body of posts still..... T__T

  6. Having the same problem as well. It started yesterday. Blog address is

  7. I am just recently having the same issue. It has to be a bug. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon. If you click full site it works fine. Its just the mobile version.

  8. Seems to be a bug. Affecting too.

  9. posts not showing up on mobile when clicking on link on facebook and twitter. It shows up on PC or Mac though. When did this happen? Can anyone help fix it?

  10. theprettybooks

    Oh! I'm glad it isn't just me. I posted about this before I saw this thread.

  11. Same with my blog :(

  12. I'm having the same problem with my blog.

  13. Also having the same problem
    Please fix it!!!

  14. It appears the bug is affecting everyone on using the mobile theme.

  15. I've also got an avalanche of unhappy people, and I'm unhappy too. My blog is

  16. My suggestion is to disable the Mobile Theme on your blog while this is still an issue. Appearance->Mobile.

    I noticed when I went to turn this off that my options were:

    Enable mobile theme Yes No
    Always show posts on the front page Yes No
    Show excerpts on front page and on archive pages instead of full posts Yes No
    Show featured images on front page and archive pages Yes No
    Turn off the Custom Header text color? (select "Yes" to use the mobile theme's default black header text color)

    All well and good, but the second one was set to NO. I think we should check our settings and change it to YES and see what happens.

  17. Damn, doesn't seem to have had any effect. Oh well, disabling mobile theme again now.

  18. That's a shame - it would have been quite cool. I can't understand why this is taking so long to fix when so many are affected :(

  19. Same here - just posted the same question. Hope they fix is ASAP!

  20. Having the same problem. The full post appears only when I switch off the "show excerpts" mobile option. With the option on, only the title of the post appears after I click "Continue reading..." I use Watson.

  21. That's a great catch! Now at least we know how to fix it.

  22. I've just confirmed that dr12729's fix works, so everybody go to Dashboard->Appearance->Mobile and DISABLE the excerpts. That's the third one down. If it was working properly it would show a snippet of your post instead of the whole post; now it's malfunctioning and it shows NOTHING.

  23. Woohoo! Great fix. Thanks to you both. Stoked that it works. Shouldn't have had to come to this :\

  24. Hi there,

    Thank you all for reporting this issue. This is a new bug related to the front page excerpts option in the mobile theme, and our team is working on a fix for it now. Thanks for your patience!

  25. Hi Rachel,
    Is it really just the excerpts option that's at issue here? I found that the excerpt was there on the home page, but when I clicked to go to the post, it was the post itself that was empty.



  26. Yeah, ignore my last comment, just being dumb. Thanks, please let us know when it's fixed as I'd like to switch excerpts back on!
    Thank you

  27. persnicketybiscuit

    Thanks, dr12729, for the temporary fix of disabling the excerpts! Very helpful!

  28. Hi Joel,

    We may not be able to notify everyone when this bug is fixed, but you are welcome to check back by replying to this thread and I can let you know if it has been fixed.

  29. @rachelmcr
    I'm multitasking from work but I do know there are other threads same issue that are not tagged yet and when I have time I'll locate and tag them all with "mobile excerpts bug".

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