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Body of blog posts does not appear in mobile site

  1. Thanks Rachel that's just what I meant. Certainly wouldn't expect you to contact us all!

  2. seekingquerencia

    Hi, I have a blog at Beginning a few days ago, the front page shows the name of the post, but not the body and photo. In order to see the full post and photo, you have to click on "read more' for the full post and photo. I'd appreciate some assistance with this. Thanks, Lydia

  3. I have the same problem

    I turn off "excerpts" in Appearance/mobil... and it works again.

  4. Hi everyone, our theme wranglers let us know that this issue with the mobile theme is now fixed. If you continue to have trouble with the mobile theme on your blog, please be sure to refresh your browser. If the issue persists, please create a new thread describing the issue you are experiencing.

    @timethief, thanks for your help tagging those other posts! I will reply to the rest of them now.

  5. @rachelmcr
    Hi there,
    I'm not sure that I located them all.

  6. persnicketybiscuit

    @rachelmcr, thank you for getting this fixed! Looks good now.

  7. Thanks that's great work.

  8. @rachelmcr, thank you for getting this fixed!
    Looks good now.

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