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Body of post deleted upon saving draft

  1. I was near finished writing a post, and to ensure that my work would be saved I clicked "Save Draft" - but all it did was save the title and I've lost all of my work!!
    Blog url:

  2. Check the Revisions module for a previous saved version. If you're not seeing the Revisions module while on the post editor screen, click Screen Options (top right) to activate it.
    This glitch has been going on for months (and WP has found nothing to do or say about it). In the future better avoid using drafts: when you start a new post, write a couple of lines, set the visibility to private, publish the post, continue editing and updating, turn to public when finished.

  3. Go to Posts > All Posts, hover over the title of the post, click Edit and check the Post Revisions module for previous saved versions of the post.

    If you're not seeing the Revisions module while on the editor screen, click Screen Options (top right corner of your Admin page) to activate it. Then select the post and page modules to include them. Then you ought to be able to go here > Dashboard > All Posts > Posts and locate the post and recover it from post revisions.

    If you cannot locate the post for locating and restoring a post revision, and it's not in your Trash folder then you will not be able to recover it.

    When you start a new post, add the title, set it to private and then publish it. When you are done with the post, set it back to publish and update it as justpi has said. The other choice is to get and use an offline blog client such as Windows Live Writer (Windows) or Ecto (Mac) and then everything is saved on your computer and when you are done with the post, you actually publish it directly from the blog client software. See here for offline blog editors so you don't have to go through this again

  4. Thank you both so much for the advice. I tried to view previous revisions but they were blank as well. I had written most of the post in Word and copied it over, but I will give the Private setting a try for my next post and post back here to let you know how it works.

    Thanks again, greatly appreciated!

  5. @pickleswarlz
    I'm sorry that you could not recover a post revision that had the content in it. Using an offline blog editor like windows live writer will mean you will have a backup if this happens to you again.

  6. Hey there! I have this big problem: I started writing a post in the home page module "write a post" and, at one moment, wanted to insert a photo in it. I clicked "insert a photo", took the photo from the URL and when I clicked "post photo" it erased all my previous text and posted only the photo as a single post.
    I don't get it... didn't anyone think that this thing could happen and there should be an "autosave" setting...? How can I get my text back?

  7. The sad news is that if were using the "Add New" on the main page for here!/post/ then the draft is lost and cannot be recovered. That link is only for creating "Asides":
    Aside – These are brief snippets of text that aren’t quite whole blog posts. Useful for quick thoughts and anecdotes

    If you only create posts in your own dashboard then you won't experience this again.

  8. I guess this means that wordpress people don't know much about marketing and are not really client-oriented. Otherwise, they would have thought about this.
    Thanks for the quick response!

  9. Staff is aware of this glitch and will definitely be addressing it in the near future. I'm sorry you lost your post but there's nothing more I can do for you. Best wishes for better days and happier endings. :)

  10. The "Write a Post" option includes an "Insert Photo" button, which only allows you to select and upload an image from your computer: it does not include inserting an image via URL. The "Post a Photo" option you jumped to is a totally separate option for quickly posting a photo post (and includes inserting via URL). If you click "Write a Post" again, or after you're done with the photo post, the text you had entered is still there for you to continue. The only thing that's missing is a warning if you try to leave the page.

  11. Given is a free hosting service, we're not really clients at all. We are beta-testers for the software.

  12. @justpi
    Thanks for posting the additional info above re: images.

  13. justpi, I tried what you said the next moment I realized what happened, but guess what: the text was no longer there. You can try it for yourself.
    @raincoaster: free or not, we're still clients as long as we are using the services.

  14. @raqueztu: Do you think that what I wrote above was copied from a manual or something? I did try things for myself before replying - in both of the browsers I use (Firefox and Safari). Perhaps you're using a bad browser or browser version.

  15. We are not clients. As a friend of mine says, if you're not paying for the product, you're not the client; you are the product being sold.

  16. Seconded.
    @raqueztu: The "beta-testers" thing isn't raincoaster's idea, it's what the founder of WP himself has said about us users.

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