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Body Style on HTML ...

  1. I saw this line on the source of the page.

    <body style="background: url( repeat-y top center #aaa fixed;">

    Ok, I've got all option for change CSS style, we use "Contempt par Michael Heilemann" for template.

    The problem is that I can't put any background image on my body ... of course there's a style property in the HTML ...

    How can I put a 20*20 image repeat ... if there is a damned line of design in the html that I can't edit... ?

  2. ok.

    !important works good.
    It seems reset all import style.

    So th code is:

    background: url(your image URL) repeat !important;

    Sorry, but it can help.

  3. Actually if you pick up the CSS upgrade, it will be listed last in the header of the blog's output so that anything you declair in there overrides everything before it. That's actually what I've done on my webcomic. If you look at the code, it still has both headers in there but, since mine is the last one declaired, it's the one that's used.

    Hope this helps,

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