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bogus Google image referrer ?

  1. Are you using that picture of Coldplay on your site? If you follow through the link, you'll note that it appears someone was doing a search for a picture and wound up on your blog.

    I would suggest a Feedback on the subject. I've gotta admit though that I disagree. I want to know who's looking at my pictures as well and from where. It's one of the reasons why I always fill out the title bit on an image tag.

  2. Not exactly. I am linking to the image somewhere else. The actual image does not appear on my blog. That's what confused me.

    But now I think I get it. The Google search is for the 'Coldplay' image hosted on the original site and referred to by my humble blog.

    Fair enough but not overly interesting to me.

  3. Maybe adding in a rel="nofollow" tag would remove it. I don't know right off though if it would work with an image tag.

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