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    I’m interested in making any sentence starting with the letter Q bolded. I want to paste in non bolded text from MS word and have the sentences starting with Q be bolded.

    Example Format

    Q: Bolded Question
    A: Non bolded Answer



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    Hello there,
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    It’s a private blog, so I won’t be posting the url. Is there any code or perhaps a plugin for a self-hosted wordpress install that will allow me to do this? Thanks



    I want to paste in non bolded text from MS word and have the sentences starting with Q be bolded.

    That’s a no go.


    It’s possible, but we can’t give you an accurate answer without the URL of the blog in question.



    There’s no way to place inside a template if letter starts with q then statement?

    How about then a way to use wildcards in ms word to make any sentences with Q ending with ? bold

    I can get all instances Q’s or all ?’s in Ms Word to be bold using Q? or [\?] but not together (with everything in-between). Any ideas?



    Why is the url important? The template I’m testing this on is the standard Twentyten WordPress theme.


    Did you read the bot response? We need the URL because we don’t know if you’re talking about a or a blog.

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