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    Hi- I’m sorry if this question has been addressed before. I couldn’t find a way to search this particular forum.

    WordPress support has said the following to me regarding the ability to customize my tagline (the line under my blog title):

    “you can style the tag line by adding CSS. We do not provide CSS customization support, but you may wan to check in with other users on the CSS Customization forum”

    So, I’d like to make a few words in my tagline bold, and I’d also like to create a line break so that all the text doesn’t run together. (It will create a 3rd line).

    Any help? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Do you have the paid CSS upgrade?


    Yep, I sure do.



    You cannot as far as I know apply bold or italic to just select words in the tagline without hacking the underlying theme PHP script files, and we do not have access to those.

    You can change all the text of the tagline to bold or italic by adding “font-weight:bold; to the .description section of the CSS as in the example below. And you can add “padding-right:200px; to it to make the tagline go to three lines, but again, you cannot just choose where the break will occur. And different browsers are going to render things differently so that it may break slightly differently on different browsers.

    .description {

    Also, to do italic, you would add font-style:italic; instead of font-weight:bold; .

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