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    Hello WP Forum peeps!

    I need advice/help. I am looking to re-do my site and add a more professional clean feel to the whole thing. I really want to purchase the BOLD NEWS premium theme but can’t find one answer to an important question. In the demo of the site, there is a large grey rectangle in the background that sticks to the top of the site. I am wondering if A) I can put a custom image JUST in the grey part, and B) if there is a way to make it so the grey part moves down with the scroll.

    Please help me!



    The blog I need help with is



    I use the Bold News theme so I think I can help you.

    A= You can add a custom background to the theme. If it stays in just the grey part is really up to you.

    B= I don’t think there is a way to make the grey area scroll. It is notable though that when you open a post it moves upward (not scrolling though).

    Hope that helps.



    Is the grey part in the background of the posts the same image as the home page? I thought those would be separate images.



    It’s the same image (IMO) but when you view posts it automatically moves upward (just below main menu’s). I really don’t think displaying your own custom box area is an option as displayed in the samples (I think this is what your wondering about). It might be a CSS thing but I really don’t know.

    On the dashboard of the theme what you see for this is the regular upload a background option and then in the theme options your given the choice of what color you would like your theme to be.

    Hope I helped.



    As Long as I can place my own image in the grey box, I think I’m ok. The scroll movement was just an added bonus.

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