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    I am thinking of buying the premium theme bold news. I want to be able to change the colours in the post slider as they are way too dark in the default. Are the colours in the post slider customisable

    The blog I need help with is



    While you can customize the theme’s colors, the slider seems to remain black It might be possible to do this if you have the Custom Design upgrade and are knowledgeable in CSS.

    Since we forum volunteers don’t have access to the Premium themes, I’ve tagged this for Staff attention.


    Thanks Jennifer, I hope the staff can clarify. It is difficult to decide on premium themes as you cant ask questions till you buy. I cant do css upgrades – I have no html skills but would be happy to pay someone to do that if it worked. Paddy


    With CSS you can make the post slider as obnoxious as you want.


    Do I need custom upgrade to do that, and are there people who will do the css for a fee. I hope to make it less obnoxious than the dark colours it is. thanks sacred path. Paddy


    It would require, in addition to the theme purchase, the Custom Design Upgrade. CSS is now officially supported, so we can help you with that if you decide to do it.


    Here is a link to the Custom Design Upgrade support page.


    Hey thanks a lot. That makes it all doable


    You are welcome. I was actually surprised how easy it was. It was quite straight forward. The changes you see in that (obnoxious) example took me all of 45 seconds.


    Synchronicity, the new blog in development is ‘inthecave’ mens passions, spiritual journeys. journeys in the mist and shamans included.


    Synchronicity, the new blog in development is ‘inthecave’ mens passions, spiritual journeys. journeys in the mist and shamans included.


    I glanced over ravensong and have added it to my reading list.

    Synchronicity indeed.



    Don’t forget too that if you buy a Premium theme, you’ve got 30 days to experiment with it and if it doesn’t work out for you, you can request a refund.


    Woo the publisher of bold news theme replied to this questions as follows:

    This is possible but not quite as simple as an theme option change due to the way that theme was coded.
    It uses images for the slider background and buttons which you would need to edit and then replace.

    So yes you can but it isn’t super simple like checking a box


    Well yes and no. If you are alright with solid colors rather than images, then it is very simple. If you want transparent PNGs or something like that, or want some sort of patterned background, then yes you would have to create images that could be tiled. Either way they are making it sound more difficult than it is.


    Yes I was only wanting to change the background colours, to create a softer effect


    Hi All,
    I am thinking of buying bold news for a private (for now) blog. I would like to change the shape of the slider images to fit CD covers, so nearly square. Can you give me any hint of whether the slider image width can be changed on bold news?
    Thanks for any reply.


    The slider images are set in the underlying theme files and it will always make the images the size and proportions you see in the demo site (216px wide x 100px high).


    too bad! thanks for the info.


    You are welcome.

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