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bolded text that will not un-bold ;)

  1. occasionalcigs

    for some reason the last couple posts on my blog are completely bolded. i've went in and tried bold-ing the text and then un-bold-ing the text but nothing changes. any suggestions?

  2. Please note that the bold text startes with the Living with War article. You have an open strong tag in there that needs to be closed.

    What's happeneing is that you have the line "rockin' the proverbial faces off the politically apathetic" marked as bold but it appears that you also have the more tag marked as strong. Since the more tag is where the division occurs, the closing strong tag is missing and the rest of your text for teh rest of the blog is in bold.

    Your more tag from the article:

    <p align="center"><strong><a id="more-24"></a></strong><br />

    Note how the line "Read the rest of this entry" is in bold for that article on your home page while those lines before it are not.

    Hope this helps,

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