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    Brand new to WordPress. Writing a blog as a graduate program requirement and need to generate comments for extra credit. But the Forever theme has a very subtle (too subtle!) grey speech bubble to invite comments.

    I need something much more obvious like a comment box at the end of each post. Is this possible to add within a free template?

    Couldn’t find an answer in the forums. Also, a friend told me she commented already but I don’t see it on the post or in the metrics.

    Comments are enabled, I have not altered any default setting.

    Thank you for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t make the leave comment link/bubble more prominent unless you purchase a custom design upgrade and do the required CSS editing to achieve that.

    Note: I have successful blog with respectable pagerank and authority in its niche that was founded in 2007. The traffic flow is good but I get only 1 comment for every 700 – 800 views and that’s quite typical. Since the advent of like buttons the number of comments which have never been high on no-follow comment link blogs which is what our blogs are has not been high. In fact even A list pro-bloggers like Chris Brogan, who have very high traffic blogs do not receive tonnes of comments.



    Thank you so, so much for your reply. Now I don’t have to drive myself mad looking for some magic comment option I managed to miss.

    Your metrics will be quoted in my final project when I finish this class. Blogging is more challenging than I expected. I will be checking out your blog for inspiration and advice – and leaving a comment!



    Hi again Mary,
    I’m not a social networking expert and I don’t have either the time or the inclination to become one. If you want comments then social networking strictly give, give, give to get. The most effective way to get comments is to set a daily or weekly target and post meaningful comments on blogs where you note that blogger is responding to comments by replying to them and is reciprocating by posting comments on the blogs of those who commented on theirs.



    Thanks. I’ll try that.

    My most pressing concern right now is that a friend claims to have commented already and yet it’s not showing up on my post or in the site metrics. Haven’t changed any default setting so comments are enabled.

    Your blog is excellent by the way. I’ll be wading through your archives. My first blog post was about how much there is to learn in the world of emerging media. I’m a non-traditional student (old) so I’m having to keep up with the digital natives.



    your friend’s comment is probably in moderation or spam. look through those files.

    btw if your course is looking at comments instead of shares, it’s somewhat behind the times. that engagement remains, but it now takes the form of social shares rather than comments.



    Thanks Raincoaster. You make an excellent point. Extra course credit is for any kind of buzz or engagement with readers. But I will now be able to write about my personal desire for comments and having to reset my expectations. (I’m Irish so I like the more personal social connection provided by comments.)

    I did check the comment menu and so far I’m seeing nothing:

    All | Pending (0) | Approved | Spam (0) | Trash (0)

    I will have to trouble shoot with a few willing trial commenters to figure this out.

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