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    Anybody have an idea why from late last night, my:
    has decided to display bold fonts in the sidebar and seemingly random elsewhere?



    fix your “read more” tags on either of the last two posts. That could possibly be causing the problem.



    I’ve fixed this for you – the problem occurred in several of your latest post; the MORE tag was placed within bold and italic HTML tags (noted by aw1923), as described in



    Dang, bubel your fix is much appreciated.
    However, after going with panaghiotisadam’s bulk edit – non-sticky suggestion,
    it’d seem my posts are now displayed seemingly random..well, not chronological,
    which is preferred. So..thanks a lot in all that that implies..heh.



    How do I get my now bulk-edited unstuck posts to display chronologically (below the one sticky-one that I prefer on top)? Thanks.



    Um, not to belabor this, but it’d seem that they ARE chronological to the extent that blue-backed posts (Ocean Mist) are at the top – albeit older than the white-backed ones below them. Pardon my low-tech rap, but what determines a white or blue addition to my above query. Thanks.


    The ones in blue are sticky posts. The ones in white are regular posts.



    Gotcha. The bit about the bulk-editing only applying to the current page of posts threw me. (Gotta say the lack of truly bulk editing across all posts is a little lame..well, confusing.) You’ve all been a great help. Sorry if it’s off-topic, but I gotta say, my experience with as been a very good one so far. As a primitive fringe-dweller, on a piddly dial-up (maybe 36kbps), it has allowed for a nice “platform” indeed!


    @islandnotes: Sorry for the complication – didn’t think of the number of posts you had. In Posts>Edit you get a list of up to 15 posts, so if you’ve got more than that you must repeat the process for the rest of the pages (as you’ve found out). Still, it’s a lot faster than having to edit each individual post.

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