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    Hello All,

    This is a pretty short and sweet question. Does anyone know how to make your blog titled bolded? In Safari IMVERYAPE appears bolded, but on Firefox and IE it looks unbolded. I am assuming if I make it bold on the CSS it will stay the same on Safari and get thicker on Firefox and IE. Stupid assumption? Any tips?

    The blog I need help with is



    Or maybe it is an Apple and PC difference?


    Different browsers render fonts slightly differently, even on the same platform.

    For me, the title is *slightly* bolder when I view it in Chrome and Firefox than when I view it in Safari.

    You could try using the custom CSS below to change the text to the highest font-weight possible, and see if that affects anything, but don’t expect it to look exactly the same in every browser.

    #site-title {
        font-weight: 900;


    I’m starting to think it’s my Apple versus the PCs at my work. Because both Chrome and Safari are giving the bolder look at home. Is that possible?


    It’s certainly possible. The different platforms render text differently as well. There’s a good article on Smashing Mag that details why:



    Thank you for the quick replies!

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