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Bolt: Tales of a teenage superhero

  1. Bolt is the story of Rachel Montgomery, a girl who tries out for the swimteam in her new town in Arizona. Nobody notices a freak electric storm brewing. Or, the fact that people are in a swimming pool full of water. (Water conducts electricity.) Rachel is in the pool when lightning, and disaster, strike.

    Rachel is rushed to the hospital, where she is declared healthy and dismissed from treatment. Over the next few days, Rachel notices some weird changes about herself. Why can she suddenly control electronics? Why does her mood change with the weather? Or, does the weather change with her mood?

    As she notices these changes, some mysterious people take notice of her as well. She is then led on a constant adrenaline rush across the United States. As a wise man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” So, why not help a few people on the way?

    I really do feel like I might have false views, so if you could let me know you stopped by (on the discussion page) I would be very greatful.
    Thanks so much!

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  2. Rachel has a power surge and escapes from the Department of Supernatural Occurences.

  3. Rachel wakes up in an alley after escaping the DSO, and is greeted by Zen, a mysterious boy with green hair.

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