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    Hello, I want to renew my domain, is my blog still and all the info still there or do I have to re do it all? Can I pay and it comes back to as it was?



    Hi there,

    Your domain,, is not expired – it looks like it only expires in October, and that has to be renewed at your domain provider, as you did not buy that domain from us.

    But what has expired is the domain mapping upgrade that connected that domain to your site. That upgrade was connected to a Premium Plan which expired in February, and which belonged to a different account, bonusfamiljense

    Your site is still fine, and can be found at the free address,, but to reconnect that domain you’ll need to first log into the bonusfamiljense, and then buy a new plan at My Site ->Plans. Then you will be able to add a new domain mapping upgrade to reconnect the domain.

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