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Book Lite Archive Page

  1. I just changed over my theme from Manifest to Book Lite and in the changeover, I lost my Archives page. Can I get that back somehow? I don't even remember how I achieved it in the first place on Manifest but I think it was just a bit of html code & it generated the page itself for me. I could be wrong. I really like having that page. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ok well, I added this [archives] to create a page but all that did was provide a link to each blog entry which is ok but the Archives page I previously had from a template I'm guessing, had a drop down menu for entries by month as well as Recent Entries and by Category all laid out nicely. I would love to have that back. Does anyone know if that's possible with this theme? Thanks.

  3. Ok now :) I'm using the Triton Lite theme and I think I'm settled with it however, I'm still having the same Archive page issue. Can anyone tell me how to get an Archive page that has a monthly Archive, Tags, Recent Entries, Yearly, etc. as opposed to the simple links to each post that I currently have? Thank you.

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