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    Hi, I’m having a rather peculiar problem with Book Lite.

    The default style for the first sentence of any post is to have an enlarged first letter, followed by a first line in small-caps. I have CSS customisations, but I’ve retained this style. However, earlier today, after changing none of my customisations, my site suddenly started appearing with everything in normal case.

    If I remove all of my customisations, the problem persists – I see the default stylings, with this one difference remaining. It doesn’t seem to be a browser issue as it occurs in both Chrome and IE, and when I view other blogs using Book Lite, they appear fine. So, somehow, it’s unique to my blog, and yet is apparently unrelated to my custom CSS. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is


    Update: I’ve just noticed that the problem only occurs if the post has an image in the first paragraph, as a number of my posts do (the ones without an image are fine). However, these images are unobtrusive – they are small and right-aligned so as not to interfere with the style – and they didn’t cause this change before today, so can I get it back to how it was before?

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