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book recommendations?

  1. I'd like to purchase a book to help me learn more about blogging on I would not say I am a beginner, but I would also never say I am an accomplished blogger...yet. I have alot to learn! Anybody care to recommend a "how to" book? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There really aren't any books written specifically for The ones on the internet are aimed at I recommend that you become comfortable with finding things what you need in support documentation. http:/ Don't hesitate to ask questions here on the forums and read forum threads. Aside from that the blog linked to my username us aimed at beginners and those who want to improve their blogs and I welcome readers and questions too. :)

  3. support documentation link

  4. Good evening, TT. I have discovered your blog and it has been very helpful. I checked Amazon and found several books about WordPress. As I was unsure whether these "how to" books were about the .COM or .ORG., you have cleared that up as well. I'll just keep plugging along, asking questions and learning as I go. Thank you.

  5. G'day teeveebee
    I'm glad you found my blog posts to be helpful because that's exactly why I created and published them. As I said above don't be hesitant to ask questions here on the forums or to use the contact form on my commenting page when you can't locate a post on the subject you need answers to. Also note that the searchbox found in the support documentation produces better results than the forum searchbox does. It includes links to related forum threads as well as links to support documentation entries.
    Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

  6. There is a section in WordPress for Dummies. And I know there are at least two books on in the works, because I applied to write one and got turned down for some ONeill alumnus

  7. @raincoaster
    You were turned down! I'm amazed.

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