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  1. Is there a way I can set the sites on my blogroll to open in new windows?

  2. This one I can answer:) Yes - when you set up the link, under Target, select Blank.

  3. Please remember though that this breaks most accessability standards unless you note it somewhere by the link.

    I prefer openning a new window with links going off site though as well.

  4. @ vivianpaige

    Thank you, I was wondering if I was able to do that. :)

  5. Spawning new windows is covered in WCAG, Priority 2, Checkpoint 10.1 for accessibility, but if we're going to make our sites that accessible, then we have to go in and add ACCESSKEY properties as well. Frankly, my view on that accessibility checkpoint (and I'm a strong advocate of web accessibility) is that it should only apply to actual pop-ups.

    The standard accepted practice for nearly any website is that any link that leads offsite and doesn't directly promote the interests, message, or other priorities of the originating site will open in a new window. That's pretty much understood.

    TARGET="_blank" is just something that will have to be lived with. Accessibility can only go so far.

  6. thank you all.

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