bookmarks and Meta editing.

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    Kind of sucks that on the ‘Bookmarks’ page if you add an image url, it completely knocks out all the text. So all you see on the page after you save it, is the image. So if I am putting in a blogroll and add the standard ‘rss’ feed icon, the text out beside it completely disappears and all you see is the rss feed icon. This is very confusing to most readers who are very visual.

    I know you have already addressed this as well, but its a pain that you cannot edit the ‘Meta’ information. I would like to put an ‘RSS’ Feed icon next to my ‘Entries RSS’ but cannot. I have to put it under a ‘RSS Sidebar Widget’, which really makes no sense. That is where we should put OTHER peoples RSS stuff, not our own.

    I am not trying to be a pain, but I noticed that in the pink Sticky there is a question about editing the template, the response from ???? is to….

    “If you require greater control over your template, the staff suggests using a paid host.”

    Blogger is a free service and allows template editing. Now dont get me wrong I love YOU guys!!! I can’t wait to see what you guys make next. I love it!!



    And blogger gets DoD’ed every so often because it allows templete editing. :)

    For the record, text does not get removed with a graphic link on the self hosted WordPress blogs. (Well, you can leave the description field in there and it’s visable.)

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