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BookMooch Widgets

  1. Heya, I tried to insert a widget for my books at BookMooch, which has several options for widgets, but I couldn't get the covers to show. Is anyone able to help, please?

    These were the options:

    Include: Works in Apache and many other web servers;
    Iframe: Works everywhere but constrained inside a recetangle;
    PHP: Works great on PHP based websites;
    Javascript: Works when your visitors have javascript enabled (I believe WordPress does not support Java);
    Nsd: Works with AOLserver and Naviserver;
    ASP/js: Microsoft IIs with serverside Javascript and MSXML 4.0;
    ASP/vb: Microsoft IIs with serverside vbscriptand MSXML 4.0.

    So, which one should I choose, or are none suitable for WordPress blogs?

  2. thistimethisspace

    We provide support here for blogger with wordpress. com hosted blogs only. Your username is not linked to a blog. If you have downloaded software from wordpress. org then you are in the wrong forum. Please go here

    If you do have a blog the only code that we can use in widgets here is html. Javascript cannot be used on our blogs at The programming will strip out the code to preserve our security on this multi-user blogging platform

    However as you have not posted the code we cannot know whether or not it is javascript. So if you actually do have a wordpress. com blog then please post the code between backticks so we can see it. The backtick key is the key immediately to the left of the number 1 key. It's lower case and above it is ~.

  3. I do have a hosted blog. And, I am aware that WordPress do not support Java - I mentioned it in my first post under the options, did I not?

    As to the codes:

    <!--#include virtual="" -->
    <br><font face="arial" size=1"><a href="">Exchange your books at</a></font>
    <iframe FRAMEBORDER=0 src="" width="300" height="200"></iframe>
    <br><font face="arial" size=1"><a href="">Get books online from</a></font>
    <?php include(""); ?>
    <br><font face="arial" size=1"><a href="">Exchange your books at</a></font>
    <%= [ns_httpget ""] %>
    <br><font face="arial" size=1"><a href="">Trade your books at</a></font>
    <% url = ""; set xmlhttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP"); "GET", url, false; xmlhttp.send ""; Response.write xmlhttp.responseText; set xmlhttp = nothing; %>
    <br><font face="arial" size=1"><a href="">Give away your books at</a></font>

    These are the only ones where javascript is not mentioned.

  4. My blog can be viewed here:

  5. Hello there,
    You have posted code for BookMooch iframes which will be likewise stripped by the software for security reasons. I'm sorry but the BookMooch widget is not one that's supported at

  6. Okay, so I just searched through the forums and iframes are out. But, I am not sure what the other options are that are left, such as php?

    Please bear in mind that although I can search forums for specific words, I have absolutely no clue about HTML.

  7. Ooops. Sorry timethief, I must have been typing as you were posting. Thanks for your response.

  8. To be specific we are all working on a multiuser blogging platform and there are limitations. If you want complete control over a blog template you can download free software from and either hire a web host or self host on your own server.

  9. Sorry, I think I was unclear in my post. I meant I see that out of the codes I posted, one is iframes, but what are the others and are they able to be used in a blog hosted at

    For instance, php (is that a javascript), vbscript, and Nsd, as per my first post. I have searched FAQs and this forum to no avail, hence my posting here.

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond Timethief.

  10. GOOD NEWS!
    Do you have a test blog? I do so I could easily place the various codes into text widget and witness what happened. I copied all of these codes into a text widget and got a series of Book Mooch links that work very nicely.

  11. A test blog? Um, no. You mean a blog just for testing out various bits and pieces? Did the tests you run show up the book covers, or just the link to Bookmooch, because that's all I got. perhaps I was doing something wrong?

    Many thanks Timethief for helping me out on this - I do appreciate it.

  12. All you will get is a series of text links that work very well. And all of them link to the same site. You're welcome and happy blogging. :)

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