Books aren't showing on my Blog

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    Did everything I was shown to do and they aren’t showing up in my blog. The books can be clicked on but the covers are visible. No one knows I have books in my shelves. Anyone know the Answer?

    The blog I need help with is


    Excuse me sorry. The books aren’t visible. I hover over the shelve but the covers aren’t showing



    Hi. If you are referring to Goodreads, please note that this is a known issue. Staff’s response here:



    Excuse me?

    Are you talking about embedded images or what? And who showed you what to do, and what is it that you did?

    What exact steps did you follow, and what result did you want to see? How does that differ from the result you got? Be as specific as possible.



    As airodyssey stated this is a known issue with the Goodreads widget. The problem is in the Goodreads end and must be reported to their Staff so it will be fixed.
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