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    After fresh boot, I gathered/pasted info from several sources, rewrote it–in HTML–hit “word wrap”/got listings for Fireworks in Los Angeles laid out beautifully, then clicked on “save and continue editing”
    –Boom –“illegal op” message
    lost entire page.

    I’m mystified, angry, new to WP. Can anyone explain:
    -Why it happened
    -Why I can’t compose USING WordPress

    It happened after working on another post –for 7 hours; I got so angry that I copied entire thing into “Word” then edited it to exactly way I wanted it, then tried to post it –for HOURS. The HTML thing kept changing spaces between paragraphs, etc. and would not show changes after clicking on “update” until I was exhausted with repeated, stupid corrections. It’s up now –but, of course with an error. What’s wrong with: WP? –Writer? –Computer?

    (If it matters: NONE of the Above happens to posts for “Blogger”/using: Windows 98 / 56K )
    (I’m calm now, so it’s OK to reply, lol)



    Well, if you’re copying and pasting, then it’s still in your clipboard I would think.

    I have a feeling that you’re using the rich text editor. I would turn the thing off at Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> The checkbox at the bottom fo the page.

    Without knowing what your system is like (ie Browser, browser version, Windows 98 version, what else is running on your PC, what the actual error was, etc) there’s not a whole lot we can help with.



    Thanks for replying.
    -I found the “rich text” box and un-checked it. (–Though I don’t have clue one what that is, what it does.) Thanks
    -“clipboard”: where is that? How could I find it?
    -Browser: IE 5.5

    I find WordPress to be VERY difficult to use. The language is dense –I don’t have a clue what any of the tools are or how to fix/use them. Hell I don’t even understand the questions asked in this Forum, though I spend some time here every day. The questions are so loaded with jargon and so are the answers, it’s become pointless to read any of it. But what’s Really annoying: looking at the WP directions/instructions. For WHOM is that written? A webmaster would understand it, but: THEY wouldn’t need it.
    Example: my timestamp is wrong; I look up how to change; answer: at least 8 -12? different answers –NONE of which resolve it Permanently.
    WHY: can’t they put ONE Simple answer: “How to change the time”? I don’t need eight ways, I need One –that I can actually do; doesn’t revert to GMT.

    I’m getting an impression that WP techs want to show off how much they know. I’m not amused or impressed. I’m just tired.
    (No matter what the stamp says: it’s 3:30)



    I will FAQ the time.

    I think your browser may be part of the problem but I cannot be certain…



    “I will FAQ the time”

    I would appreciate, thanks.
    (Not to be too redundant: after posting it is ping-ed, of course, but when people show up to read it –they are looking at something posted next day/some 18 hours into the future…I dislike that kind of sloppiness/looking dumb, but I DON’T understand all the Long explanations nor How to change it and keep it changed/correct. So I’ve backed off on posting….)



    Everyone here is a volunteer and can’t help you without providing important information like what your operating system is, what browser you use, are you behind an firewall, proxy, security software, router yada, yada.

    There are many different ways to do things because there are different operating systems, browsers, firewalls, proxies, routers, security programs yada, yada.

    Changing the time -> dashboard – >options scroll down to date and time and adjust them appropriately. You’re in California I’m in Canada on the west coast (- 7 hours).

    Clipboard – this has absolutely nothing to do with wordpress at all. The cliboard is part of your computer’s operating system. For example if you have a pc and you have windows as your operating system then you highlight the text by selecting it with your mouse, use ctrl c to copy it and use ctrl v to paste it.

    P.S. I compose in microsoft word and copy and paste it into wordpress everyday without problems. So I’m wondering do you have a manual for your operating system? If you didn’t know about the clipboard then I’m thinking maybe a using an operating sytem manual would be helpful. I have one and I use it.



    It is now in the FAQ :)

    [Link added just for reference – drmike]



    poppy8sd, don’t get discouraged. We were all new to this at one time. I didn’t know how to turn on a computer a little more than two years ago. Most of what I’ve learned has been by asking others and also by Googling what I wanted to learn. Two important things I’ve learned. 1) If you use pictures, post thumbnails so that they won’t slow down your site, so they won’t vanish in a week, and so to be fair to your visitors with dial-up. 2) I write and cut and paste everything on my Windows Notepad. People told me I had one but I could never find it but I eventually did and can’t imagine my life without it. :) This way if what you wrote ever gets lost after posting it, you’ll still have it available to re-post again. Or cut and paste everything before you post it just like how I’m doing with this reply to you in case my computer or WordPress has a case of the hiccups and I lose and forget what I’m typing right now. lol

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