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    Using online version of WP, is there a free theme which has native bootstrap menu?


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    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @blanch69!

    If you mean a responsive menu (which will adapt automatically to mobile devices) then the vast majority of themes will fall into that category:

    If you mean a menu that is built with the Bootstrap framework, you might have better results with a self hosted WordPress site, which is a little different from :)



    Thanks for the reply. For clarity, I am referring to the the small menu button that appears when websites have been designed to be viewed on small mobile devices, such as iPhones (individual menu items are essentially replaced by a menu button which expends to how the menu options).

    I reviewed the themes in the link you provided, and I actually have one of the themes already (Pique). However, all that I see when looking on my phone is menu items disappearing under an ellipsis.




    Thanks for clarifying, @blanch69 :)

    Pique’s menu is a little different yes – adding items to the ellipsis one by one as the screen size decreases. Most of the themes on that link will work more as you described, with the entire menu become a toggle button on mobile devices.

    Sometimes that button will be the word “Menu” other times it might be a hamburger button (the icon with three horizontal lines), sometimes an ellipsis icon, and others a combination of the “Menu” text and an icon – it really all depends on the design of the theme.

    A responsive menu is a menu that adapts to the screen size of the device – the specific way that it adapts, or how it’s represented visually, can vary :)

    In some cases, it might be possible to add or change the text of the menu using Custom CSS (part of a Premium Plan or Business Plan) but this, too, would depend on the theme.

    Argent, for example, converts from a classic horizontal menu to a text based menu button. Baskerville 2 on the other hand has a hamburger icon and the text label to go with it.

    I’d recommend looking over the different responsive themes, and looking at the mobile versions of their demo sites to find one that you like. You can also use the More link at the top of the theme search I sent you to filter the results by additional features and styles.



    Okay, thanks for the advice. Thought I was going mad there.

    So, does anyone know a free, responsive theme, whose menu collapses to a hamburger or menu icon, AND does not put the entire website on a massive scroll like a blog (I want a more traditional website, not a blog template used as a website).

    Here’s hoping.




    All of the themes on the search list I shared (with some rare exceptions like Pique) will have a menu that collapses into a hamburger/menu button on small screens.

    Can you describe a little more of what you mean when you say a traditional website and not a blog? The phrase “website” can mean many different things :)

    Depending on what you mean, some of these might have what you are looking for:

    All of those themes have a specialized home page that doesn’t feel at all like a blog (you can preview the demo sites for examples.



    So when I mean ‘not like a blog’, I am mean that when you view the site in mobile phone mode, all the themes seem to have one menu page after another, so you scroll and scroll and scroll.

    I was looking for a site where if you are on the home page, you only see the home page, if you are on Location page, you only see the location page. Ideally the menu hamburger would be anchored to the top. Is there such a theme, as I think I have clicked through them all and they all seem to be the same. Or is this a customization that can only be done with Premium (which would not be an option for me at this point).

    Thanks for your help on this. Sorry if I haven’t been very clear.




    If you are viewing the posts page of a demo site, then yes – you scroll through the different posts.

    However, on the themes I’ve linked to, the homepage isn’t a collection of posts. It will be a single column, because the themes are responsive.

    You can set a static front page on any theme to avoid having blog posts on the front page :)

    If that doesn’t help, perhaps link me to a site that looks the way you like on mobile, and a theme that does the opposite? Then I might have a clearer idea of what you mean :)



    Go to

    You will see you can scroll down a little, but not every single page on the website.

    Every theme I am seeing automatically appends each site page underneath each other.



    Thanks @blanch69

    Can you show me a sit that is appending the pages as you’ve described? It sounds like you’re looking at a blog listing, not a page – the Static Front Page option I mentioned will be the solution to that :)



    All the themes you were suggesting do that, append all the pages when in mobile phone view.



    I’m not sure we’re looking at the same things. These are links to the demo sites of the themes I recommended:

    None of those pages append additional content as you scroll.

    If you click through to the blog section of those sites, yes – the blog posts scroll continuously. From the sound of things though, you won’t be including a blog section on your site, so that won’t impact things for you. The blog page on a site isn’t required, you can leave it off if you choose.

    Am I misunderstanding what you mean?



    Let me ask the question another way.

    Currently with Pique, when viewing the site on a phone, I get the home page, and then when I scroll down I get the “Our Story” page, and then the “Location” page.

    Is there a configuration where

    a) I just get the Home page
    b) I can anchor the hamburger menu so it remains on the visible screen (i.e. does not scroll off the screen?





    I’d suggest not looking at Pique – it doesn’t sound like that theme is one that does what you like :)

    Pique’s homepage is made of different panels, with each panel containing a different page. This way you can build a page with different sections and manage those sections independently of one another.

    That’s how Pique is built, but not how all themes are built!

    In terms of anchoring the menu button, that will depend on the theme. You can change things like that with Custom CSS if your site has a Premium Plan or Business Plan, but apart from that, your best bet will be to look over some different themes to find on that you like.

    Also remember that on any theme you choose you can set a basic, static front page that only shows it’s own content.



    I have the home page set to static, but I still see other pages (but only some) when viewed on a phone. And that seems to be the same with every theme I have seen.



    Right now it looks like your site is still using Pique, which will always have panels unless you remove them.

    You can some of the panels under My Site > Customize > Theme Options, by changing the page selection for each panel to – Select –.

    You can remove all of the panels to leave just the home page content if you intend to stay with Pique :)

    And that seems to be the same with every theme I have seen.

    Can you describe this in a little more detail? What theme(s) specifically? Does what you’re seeing on your site match what you see on the theme’s demo site?

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