Borders for input elements in admin panels very faint

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    I searched the forums for this topic but didn’t find this exact issue. I have tried different themes but they don’t seem to affect the admin panels, as opposed to what the visitor sees.

    The borders for text boxes and textareas (in Add New Post, for instance) are light yellow and extremely faint. I can see them if I really squint or I can fish around with the mouse until something has been selected.

    I am brand new and don’t want to pay for the CSS upgrade or delve into anything that elaborate, at least for now. The issue is in both Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7. I am using Windows XP.

    I’d appreciate any advice, thanks.


    I’m not sure how good of a gauge I am since I’m running a very expensive monitor that I color correct every 30 days, but the borders I see with the standard color scheme (top selection under users > your profile) is either a light grey or a light blue. The borders are not very thick, but they are visible, at least to me. That is on my Mac.

    With my IBM Windows XP laptop, when viewing the dashboard, the borders are less prominent, and the colors are off from what I see on my color corrected monitor on my Mac, but they are not yellow. I seldom use FF on my PC since I don’t like how it renders things compared with IE7. Bold text is too light and regular text is very thin.

    And on the CSS note, the upgrade only gives us the ability to modify the CSS for the theme, not for the dashboard. The CSS for the dashboard we do not have access to.


    Another note: I actually have two PC laptops, the IBM and a Toshiba which I use for working with my lab equipment, and when they are both on side by side with the same browser running with the same web page displayed, the colors are quite different.

    On thing you might try is going to users > your profile and selecting the other color scheme for the dashboard and see if that works better for you.


    OK, last comment, no really!

    All of the above said, the wordpress dashboard color scheme is low contrast. I think that was probably done to make it easier on the eyes over long periods, but that can also create problems such as you are experiencing.



    Thanks a lot for the generous response. Two things helped a lot: changing the Dashboard color scheme was an improvement. It’s funny; the borders for the Excerpts and Trackback text areas are much more visible – light blue – but the those for the Post Title and Content are still a faint yellow. I don’t care what color they are; I just wish they were a little more visible. What you say about intentionally low contrast makes sense.

    The other important question you answered was to confirm that themes and custom css do not affect the admin areas. As long as I know there’s nothing I can do about it, I’ll just live with it.


    You’re welcome. I’m hoping that maybe wordpress.COM will give us a couple more color schemes to choose from, and hopefully one of them is a little higher contrast. I know a couple visually challenged people who would definitely like a little more contrast.

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