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Borders not flowing to bottom of pages, Chaoticsoul

  1. Hi! I recently purchased the CSS edit upgrade just to make a tiny change in the ChaoticSoul theme I have. Have messed with nothing more, but just noticed that the borders at the left of page, between post and side bar content, and at right of page are not flowing to the bottom of the page after points where there's no content. Don't like this! Was fine before. Can somebody help me fix it? I've gone through the CSS code and can't find the way to figure this one out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Blog is Name is Ignacio. Thanks!

  2. did you make that change on the sidebar? giving more details on what you changed and where can help us to assist you on fixing this.

  3. thanks for your response devblog. no, i didn't make the change on the sidebar. i made it to this rule, and i basically set a 0 (zero) for the z-index, to get rid of the middle bar on the header image for this theme:
    #header-overlay {
    background:url('images/header_overlay.gif') no-repeat top left;

    I can send you (or anyone else the CSS sheet if you'd like (via email??). Thanks! Ignacio

  4. You could try deleting the whole ID definition (since it's only for that bar thingy) or instead of setting the z-index to zero, add display: none; to the definition

    Is there a way you can reset your CSS to the way it was before?

  5. Let me get back and see if I can reset it. I copied the original CSS code in a document, so I could just paste that over the entire CSS editor, right?

    Thanks so much for your help.


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