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BOTD in Bahasa Indonesia

  1. Please check it out: Blog Of The Day (Bahasa Indonesia/Indonesian Language) seems go wrong. Only 18 or less than 50 blogs are ranked.
    This is the link

  2. in romania there are no growing blogs, about top blogs and 8 top posts :|

  3. That's simply because Indonesian doesn't read! They all (Indonesian bloggers) write, but too few of them who cares to read. How would WordPress rank blogs that never get readers.

  4. Wrong. It has something to do with a recent change in the system. Since this the German ranking is f****d too.

  5. jom: I see now that I should have put it less agressive, but I'm in a hurry. Please do not take offense.

  6. I seconded deltafoxtrot. We (Indonesian WP-ers) always have full 100 top posts in the BOTD section (if you read Matt's April Wrap-Up, we're on the top 3 of non-english blogs)...until last sunday or so (local time). I've sent a question through support, but still no reply (which is surprising for me). If this is happened to other language's BOTD too, then I suspect that the WP team were doing it 'deliberately'...maybe tinkering the rank algorithms or stuffs.

  7. Delta and catshade got a point, as well as jom ;-). The possible answer to this problem should be: WP doesn't necessarily have to bother itself by ranking Indonesian blogs--at all!:-D

  8. The problem was resolved. Baba1342 and and jom22, please check how dynamic the Indonesian bloggers are.

  9. I'm still hoping for a Canadian language list...

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