Bottom widgets not available?

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    I’m using the Ambiru theme, which supposedly supports bottom widgets, but when I click to add widgets, the page tells me that I cannot do so because there are no sidebars. What do I do now?

    The blog I need help with is


    Ambiru has a preset set of widgets at the bottom of the page. You cannot add to or change them.



    Hmm.. seems to me like the “widget” tag should be taken off the theme then. I didn’t even think that those lists on the bottom were considered widgets.


    Yeah, they probably should describe that differently as it could be confusing.



    Short addition, I know Hemingway supports bottom widgets, but they can not be configured at the widget page, but under ‘appearance’ there is a special ‘hemingway options’ tab where you can drag some blocks, and they are not really widgets, since you can’t configure them…


    /nod to bakt

    Ambiru does not have that option under appearance. With Ambiru, what you see is what you get.

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