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Bought 301 Redirect and it keeps directing to 404 errors instead of post

  1. My old blog is supposed to be being directed to which is an .org hosted site. I paid the mapping fee and it is just going to 404 error pages instead of to the posts. They are not shortlinks they are the full links.

  2. The Permalinks on you new blog do not match the Permalinks on your old blog - so the address does not exist on your new blog -

    Make friends at WordPress.ORG - you have two choices, change the permalinks on your new blog to match your old blog here or put in a Plug-in to do the redirect for you - or you could also mess with your httaccess file and fix the links there

  3. So you mean the redirect I bought is essentially worthless and I can get a plugin in to do it from my .org for free?

  4. The redirect is not useless - it is required

    What is wrong is the permalinks on the new blog are all wrong - you changed them to get rid of the date part - you broke all the links when you did that - either change the permalinks back on your new blog (if possible) or get a Plug-in to fix the links you broke

    And make friends at WordPress.ORG - they are the keepers of the software you are now using -

  5. At auxclass. Thank you. All i did was export the files from my .com to my .org. I did not intentionally do anything to any links and I don't know the first thing about all of this .htm.... I will slowly learn it but I am new.

    Thanks for taking the time. By chance, you wouldn't know the name of the plug in on .org that you mentioned?

  6. No I don't know which Plug-in you should use - there are something like 15,000 of them -

    You need to make friends over at WordPress.ORG they deal with problems like you have every day and should be able to give you the name of a couple of Plug-in's that will help you. Open an account there if you have not already so you can post in the forum, but there is probably a thread in the last day or two that deals with this that you can read and see what others have done

    Good luck

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