Bought CSS Upgrade, After Previews, Site Weird

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    I bought the CSS Upgrade, then realized I can’t use ftp with WP domains, anyways, I was fooling around with CSS previews via 3rd party Sandbox skins and now when I switched back to Kubrick, my blog is weird…meaning it doesn’t look too much like Kubrick anymore. How can I get it back? Thanks



    Oops, Contempt….Not Kubrick



    Try clearing the custom CSS, select “ad this to existing” (or so) and save. That should do the trick.


    Hopefully someone with CSS experience will come along to guide you on how to make changes. But when I look at your website, you have the font set for 4 pixels. If you know how to go in there and change that setting, that would take care of the small font. Most are at least 10 pixels – 12 pixels range.

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