bought domain; post-previewing problem

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    Hi, while I’m still waiting for the Feedback email I’ve sent to, I’ll see if anyone else has/had this problem:

    I just activated for my blog.

    Then in the admin section I clicked the “” To Primary Blog where the urls will be instead of

    Okay problem: once I write a post, and scroll down to check the Preview, it says “Sorry, no posts match your criteria”

    so currently, I’ve switch back to the as primary blog so that I can see the preview.

    Is just a matter of waiting for’s servers (or something) because I activated it just recently? Or is this just me? Any takers?




    It will take around 72 hours for the domain to be properly registered around the ‘nets. I would wait for a bit and see if you still have a problem then. You’ve already sent feedback so I’d wait and see what they say too.




    Thanks Collin,

    I was thinking it’s a waiting thing as well. Oh well.

    And I think I take’s FANTASIC “feedback” folks too granted haha — I’d usually get a response within the day.. and now I’m just thinking “geez what’s taking so long” lol (but it’s all good, I still love them)!



    Self-Bump For Self-Resolve:

    Okay, I’m a huge idiot.. but it needed a push in the right direction of Mark from Support that sparked my tiny 2watt lightbulb

    The culprit of my slight misery: Firefox’s No-Script Add-on!!! As it did not recognize my new domain thus blocking it automatically (well, I believe NS blocks every site without discrimination–why we love ya!)

    Anyway, big thanks for Mark and the support staff as always!

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