Bought my domain name minus wordpress, not working

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    I bought my domain name minus the word wordpress in the name, but now it shows nothing about that domain in my account. Whenever I update information, it only updates and when I go to it is a completely different website! Maybe I am just missing something here, but I cannot figure this out. I just had business cards printed with and am quite frustrated that people will be sent to a page that I cannot figure out how to access or sync with wordpress site. I was given the impression that my default domain would be the one without wordpress since I purchased it. Is this something I have to manage separately?? Please help!! Customer service is “offline” right now, which is frustrating too! Thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is



    When I click on your name I end up here:

    Looks fine to me:

    Watch the changes migrate across the internet:

    It can take 24 to 72 hours for the changes to make it to the far corners of the internet – you can also have problems with local cashing issues and your local ISP. If you did things correctly then Patience Grasshopper.



    Thank you for your feedback! However, did you notice the difference between the two sites, and I have posted blogs and changed titles on them and they are not reflected on site without wordpress in name. I’m wondering why they aren’t linked and if I have to update it separately…



    We seem to have a spelling issue here. You mapped to: not

    So you really have two different sites. My suggestion would be to ask the Staff to fix the Domain Mapping to then set chichomeorganizingdotcom to “Private” and use it as a test blog.

    The contact staff is still off line – you can email them at support (at)

    I will also mark this for Staff Attention – Patience Grasshopper – you are almost there.

    PS – the spelling thing is a common error.



    Hi Amy,

    The first couple of days after buying a URL can be pretty harrowing. I was in near panic more than once, waiting for server caches, browser caches, etc. to “catch up” with my change over, but it all worked itself out. I don’t remember now if it was closer to the 24 hours or the 72 hours that get referenced in all the resource materials. It seemed like an eternity while it was propagating, and seems now like the blink of an eye in retrospect.

    Assuming that you followed all of the directions in the Domain Mapping upgrade support pages,, you’re new domain name will be up and running all across the web in (relatively) no time.

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