Bought new domain name (.net), how do I install plugins now?

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    Hi there, (please redirect if I’m in the wrong forum).

    I just bought a domain name (

    Please let me know how I can install plugins now.

    Many thanks,

    The blog I need help with is



    You don’t

    You are still hosted on WordPress.COM – it is the host that determines what you can and can’t do – not the extension .com, .net, etc.

    So no Plugin’s

    What feature could you just not live without that you need a plugin for? Many ways to do many things here that don’t require Plugin’s


    Ok it’s clear. My mistake. I wanted to add the social media buttons. If there is another way, let me know. Many thanks.



    If you are asking about Facebook etc – they are built in – you just need to turn them on

    Try: Dashboard >> Settings >> Sharing

    I don’t do Facebook etc so there might be other options also –



    Of course there is. They are right on your dashboard under Settings->Sharing.

    Normally I’d tell you how to get a refund for the domain name if you bought it under the impression it would let you use plugins, but the fact is I think the custom domain name is always a good choice. You won’t be sorry in the long run that you’ve bought it even if it wasn’t what you expected.


    Thanks for the answers but what I meant was to add the “follow me” buttons for instagram, facebook, foursquare, etc… in the right column (there is only twitter by default it seems), I didn’t mean the sharing buttons at the bottom of a post.



    For some of those sites we have prefab widgets already on the widgets page. Just configure them and away you go. For others, just use a text widget.


    Ok thanks. I will try to do that.



    PS: When you get the code you need to get plain html code – iframe & script are stripped out for security reasons

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