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Bought theme - doesnt work like displayed!!!!

  1. I have bought new theme Photography. I want a Gallery page just as illustrated in Photography theme. How do i do it? I've spent 3 days trying to do it and can't get it to work!!! I've done exactly as described in support help and nothing works! except I end up with one scrolling carousel on a post page!
    I want 9 images on a page in Gallery format. I want to be able to click on that image and bring up lots of related images. That's all!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Premium themes are supported in a special forum and you can find it here.

    You'll have to be logged in with the username account that you purchased the theme with.

    See also:

  3. Absolute rubbish! Just went to Premium-themes and no help there! just other topics. There should be clear instructions given on how to put the premium theme to work when we pay a premium price for the service!

    I need practical help with this - not a brush off to go exploring more of the site I've been going round in circles with for 3 days and nights!

    Sorry, I'm tired and very frustrated. In need of good advice - please.

  4. Does your gallery page have relationships ..parent. For example a catagory can have sub catagories with relationships..... 2011 Cards parent to sub group 2011 Fleer and 2011 Topps. I haven't used that theme and unfortunetly I think the abilities and process for setting up pages depends soley on the theme used.

  5. Volunteers in the forum cannot help. You need to contact staff, and they're off for the weekend. Try contacting them or using that forum Monday.

  6. There could be some minor differences between the self-hosted version of the theme and the one here on, but the theme author has a video tour you can take a look at here: .

    See if that doesn't answer some of your questions.

  7. Actually there might be some major differences in features that cannot be used here, but view the video. The basics should mostly be the same I think.

  8. One of the things about many of the new themes is that being configurable means that there are lots of possible configurations. Instructions aren't clear on them, in my experience with Inuit Types for example.

  9. Users here are left to fumble around on their own and although that is sad, creating tutorials for themes here takes a lot of work (Just ask Panos). With premium themes though, he can't do his usual reviews unless he wants to buy all the premium themes, and he would be crazy to do that.

    This isn't only an issue here at wordpress.COM, in most cases self-hosted themes have precious little documentation. That is one of the drawbacks of open source: a theme designer puts in several hundred hours creating a bitchin' new theme and is reluctant at that point to spend another couple hundred writing up a tutorial. Understandable really, but unfortunate.

  10. @paula1613- when you buy a premium theme, part of that price includes receiving help directly from the theme author and that is why I directed you to the premium theme forum. I was not trying to brush you off but to direct you to the one place you should be able to get assistance with your new theme,

    Usually you can find information on how to set up a theme's special pages on the theme's page in the Theme Showcase. Did you look here?

  11. Now hopefully with clickable link

  12. I just want to thank all of you for trying to help me. I will try out your suggestions. Many thanks!


  13. Hey presto! Now I understand - thank you peeps :-)

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